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54th Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club

Kyiv, Ukraine

22-25 June 2022

Welcome to the 54th Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club

Andriy Dorofeev

J. Matthias Lohr

EPC Secretary General

Natalia Gubergrits

Natalia Gubergrits

EPC President 2022

J. Matthias Lohr

Andriy Dorofeev

Vice chair of EPC meeting 2022

Dear Colleagues!
It is a great honor for me to invite you to attend the 54th meeting of the European Pancreatic Club in Ukraine!

What makes this meeting remarkable is that it will take place in a post-Soviet state — for the first time it will be conducted in the country of the former Soviet Union. Nowadays Ukraine is an independent state, which is located in Eastern Europe, being the largest European country in this region.

It should be admitted that we need to gain more knowledge in the field of pancreatology. In addition to wide clinical experience, we have a lot of patients with various pancreatic diseases, hence we are striving to learn more about modern achievements and trends in pancreas research.

Ukraine is a developing state where doctors have an opportunity of using the up-to-date diagnostic and medical equipment. EPC meeting will let gastroenterologists, surgeons, and oncologists obtain the latest information in the field of pancreatology and use it for the benefit of our patients.

Participation of the post-Soviet physicians in the EPC meetings... READ MOREin Western Europe is limited.

However, we hope they will be able to attend the meeting in Ukraine. We look forward to hosting those colleagues from other European countries and all around the world who are ready to share their knowledge and skills in diagnosis and treatment of pancreatitis, pancreatic tumors and other diseases of the pancreas.

We expect that the meeting in Kyiv will promote further cooperation in pancreas research and practical work with leading clinics of Europe, USA, and Japan, thus contributing to future development of pancreatology in the post-Soviet countries. It is also a perfect chance for young researchers to start their academic careers and collaborate with prominent European and world-known pancreatologists.

We would like to organize an UEG postgraduate course on pancreatology in association with the EPC meeting. It would be interesting to conduct satellite symposia on a range of fundamental problems of pancreatology.

We wish these events could be accompanied by lively discussions between representatives coming from different European states and sharing their experience.

EPC meeting 2022 will be held in the capital of Ukraine ― Kyiv, which is one of the blooming European capitals now. We provide various options for accommodation and social programme. Congress venue is placed in Kyiv city center with a well-developed infrastructure. We hope that we will be able to arrange an interesting scientific program and introduce Ukrainian ethnic flavor. Kyiv is known as a capital of Kievan Rus’ and a “cradle of Christianity”, so we will organize tours and show you famous Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Kyiv has all necessary facilities for holding high-level international events.

In May 2016, leading European pancreatologists participated in the European Pancreatic Master Course that was held in Kyiv. Our guests were satisfied with organization, while Master Course itself aroused interest among the doctors. In 2017, Eurovision Song Contest was successfully held in Kyiv. Final match of the UEFA Champions League took place in 2018.

We will organize trips and take you to the Ukrainian ancient towns (Chernigov, Poltava) and other beautiful sights in Odessa, Vinnitsa. Organizing Committee of the EPC meeting will include representatives of the Ukrainian and European pancreatology.

We will do our best to make your staying in Kyiv interesting and comfortable. We look forward to welcoming you in June 2022!

Natalya Gubergrits,
ЕРС President 2022


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