Welcome to the 54th European Pancreatic Club Meeting

Andriy Dorofeev

J. Matthias Löhr

EPC Secretary General

Natalia Gubergrits

Natalya Gubergrits

EPC President 2022

J. Matthias Lohr

Andrii Dorofieiev

Vice chair of EPC meeting 2022

Dear Colleagues!

I am honored to invite you to participate in the 54th meeting of the European Pancreatic Club!

What makes this event remarkable is that it is the first time when the EPC meeting is chaired by the professor from the post-Soviet state – Ukraine. Nowadays Ukraine is an independent state located in Eastern Europe and the largest European country. Unfortunately, the EPC meeting will be held online due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the brutal war in our country. We believe in the victory of Ukraine. After our victory, we will definitely invite our colleagues to Kyiv and hold a congress of pancreatologists.

It should be admitted that in post-Soviet states we need to gain more knowledge in the field of pancreatology. In addition to profound clinical experience, we have a lot of patients with various pancreatic diseases. We are striving to learn more about modern achievements and trends in pancreas research.

Ukraine is a developing state where doctors have an opportunity of using the up-to-date diagnostic and medical equipment. The EPC meeting will let gastroenterologists, surgeons, and oncologists get the latest news in the field of pancreatology and use this information to treat their patients better.

We expect that the meeting will promote further cooperation in pancreas research and practice with leading clinics of Europe, USA, and Japan, thus contributing to future development of pancreatology in the post-Soviet states. It is a perfect chance for young researchers to start their academic careers and collaborate with prominent European and world-known pancreatologists.

We are going to organize an UEG pre-congress course on intestinal microbiota before the EPC meeting. It would be interesting to conduct satellite symposia and the workshop on a range of fundamental problems of pancreatology.

We hope that these events will be accompanied by lively discussions between representatives from different states who will share their experience.

My team and I will do our best to conduct the EPC meeting at a high level, both scientifically and technically.

We are looking forward to your participation in the EPC meeting 2022!

Professor Natalya Gubergrits,
ЕРС President 2022